Are you going to bug me to death because I filled out a form on your website requesting information?

Here’s a simple answer: NO.  In case I’m not clear: NO!  I despise telemarketing and sales calls.  I also hate spam:  I won’t email you to death, either.  If you request to receive emails when a home that matches your search criteria comes on the market, you can automatically unsubscribe from that email notification list at any time.  An even if I wanted to, there is no way I could call every one of the hundreds of visitors to my website per week.

Does that mean that if you need a phone call or a question answered, that I won’t do it?  Not at all.  I’m very good at returning phone calls and emails.  I just want to make it clear that I don’t bug people.


Why do you offer the Email Notification as a free service?

Is there a danger that some people will sign up to receive a complete list of homes in their price range, homes listed with all real estate companies, and then not work with me?  Sure.  But I believe that most people are honest, and that if I provide this free service to you, you will make sure I’m the one that shows you the homes and writes the offer for you (thereby insuring that I get paid!).  To sign up for the email notification program, go to my Des Moines MLS search page.


How do you get paid as a Buyer’s Agent?

When I represent a buyer as a Buyer Agent, I almost never actually get paid by the buyer.  From the buyer’s standpoint, I am free.  I get paid out of the commission that the seller is paying their real estate company.  Example: Let’s say I am representing you as a Buyer’s Agent (showing you homes, helping with financing, etc.)  I’m with Coldwell Banker.  But let’s say that the home you want to buy is listed with ABC Realty, and John Smith, REALTOR ™, is the agent.

In this example, John Smith with ABC Realty represents the SELLER.  I represent YOU, the buyer.  At closing, ABC Realty will usually take half of that commission, and pay Coldwell Banker, my company, for my services.  I will get my paycheck out of that side of the commission.  So, the money does not come from the buyer, but rather from the proceeds of the sale.


What’s the big deal with this buyer agency thing anyway?  Can’t I just surf different websites looking for homes?

Sure you can.  You can also look in the Des Moines Register or the Friday mailings, or the Real Estate Book.  But surfing different websites is a pretty inefficient way of doing things, and print ads are usually out of date by the time they hit the street!  When you sign up for the automatic email notification program, you get a complete list (usually within 24 hours) of all listed homes that match your search criteria, listed with all mls real estate companies.  The list is updated every business day.  If you are looking for a home, or just thinking about buying a home, it’s one stop shopping.  And you can unsubscribe at any time, automatically.

It’s also important to realize that if you buy a home, you need someone representing YOU exclusively.  After all, would you hire the same attorney to both prosecute and defend a case in a court of law?  Probably not.  For more information on why it’s important for you to have an agent representing you as the buyer, go to my Buyer Agency webpage.


What are the main things to be careful of when buying a home?

In my opinion, if you have an agent representing you, he will guide you along the way and point out the things to watch out for.  In addition, though, I think the main things are: (1) Make sure you buy in an area that has good resale value.  (2) Make sure that you buy a home with a very clear idea of what, if any, work needs to be done on it.  (3) Make sure you don’t overpay for a home.

How do you make sure of those things?  Have me guide you through the process!


What are the steps to buying a home?  What happens first, what happens next, etc…?

Read my free Buyer Guide, which answers a lot of those questions.

Here are the main steps, though:

Step 1  – Determine if buying a home now is smart for you.

Step 2  – Get pre-approved for your loan by meeting with my loan officer and myself

Step 3  – Identify what kind of homes you like (including areas)

Step 4  – Use the “Homes Email Notification” Program to search for homes

Step 5  – Drive past homes that interest you

Step 6  – Call or email me to see the inside of homes you like

Step 7  – Decide which home you want to buy

Step 8  – Together, we write the offer, then I present it to the seller’s agent

Step 9  – Once the offer is accepted, set up the home inspection

Step 10 – If there are problems with the home, negotiate with seller

Step 11 – The loan officer and I do all the “behind the scenes” work that is necessary to get you to the closing table


Why should I work with Mike Davis in buying or selling a home?

Many reasons, but here are several:

I really do care about my clients.  You’re not just a paycheck to me.  Everyone likes to get paid when they work, of course, but with this job, I really feel like I’m helping people.  It’s a great feeling to give someone the keys to their home, or to call and tell them their home is sold.

Here’s another reason: I am very familiar with financing.  If you are needing zero down payment, low down payment, etc., my loan officer and I will try to make that happen for you.

If you’re selling a home: In my opinion, I have the best marketing available.  Period.  My site gets hundreds of visits per week.  Your home is listed on several very prominent real estate websites.  I get your house SOLD.

Click here to see what other people have to say about me.


Is getting a zero or very low down payment really realistic?  What’s the catch?

Sure it is.  Zero down payment programs are very common these days.  There really isn’t a catch, unless you call paying your bills on time a catch.

Does that mean if you have had past credit problems that you can’t get zero or low down payment loans?  Not necessarily.  Every situation is different.  To find out, quickly and easily, which home loans you would qualify for, go to my Des Moines Home Loanwebpage.


How can I find out what rates are today?

You can access my Current Mortgage Interest Rate webpage; the interest rates are posted on the right side of the page.  For rates on specific loan programs, call my loan officer, Maggie, during normal business hours at 515.221.1600 and tell her that you got her number from this website.


Why shouldn’t I just sell my home myself, and save the real estate fee?

Experts say nearly 15% of homeowners first try to save an agent’s commission by trying to sell their homes For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Many of these sellers invest their time and money in the FSBO process, only to turn to a professional real estate agent for help in selling their home. Many times, this happens after months of frustration and unsuccessfulness in doing it themselves.

According to studies cited by real estate specialists, Realtor assisted sales usually put more money in the pocket of a seller than does a FSBO transaction.

How much more?  On average, a seller will net 2-3% more per transaction AFTER paying a real estate commission!

For more things to consider if you are thinking of selling your house yourself, go to my FSBO page.

Any more questions at all about real estate?  Ask me.


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