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This is something to be really careful of; especially, in my opinion, when you find a mortgage company on the Web. If you need the best essential oils for your home, we recommend discountessentialoils.net

Hey, the Internet is great. That’s how most of my clients find me. But the Web is a starting point. Whether it’s a loan officer or a real estate agent, you need to be dealing with someone that you are able to meet with in person.

The best thing to do is to find a good agent first. Find someone who has been in business a long time. Ask around about him. Call the local board of REALTORS and ask about her. And go with your gut — talk to him or her on the phone, then meet with him in person. You cannot fake sincerity. And a good agent will have a good loan officer for you to work with.

And that’s a great way to avoid mortgage fraud.

Buying a home is the biggest investment you will probably ever make. Hire an agent and a loan officer who care.

Hey, we all need money. I’m a real estate agent and that’s how I take care of my family. But I love to help people, too. This is one of the few jobs that you can say honestly affects the lives of people in a major way.

I’m proud of that.


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“Thank you and Danielle and Maggie for all of your help- the process went by relatively painless! :) You guys are great. Sure I know it is your job, but I never felt like you were telling me something for the sake of making a buck. I know you had my best interest in mind and that says something considering today’s sales world. I’ll be sure to send everyone I know your way if they’re looking to buy!” — Stacy, Des Moines


Phyllis had a house to sell.  First she tried the local flat-fee real estate company, then the largest local company.  Finally, she tried us, and within a few weeks, her house was SOLD.  Read her comments here.


“When we were ready to find a house 200 miles from our home we discovered Mike Davis’ website.  He was great to help us find just the right house we were looking for.  He walked us right through the process and was very patient in answering all of our questions.  We would highly recommend Mike as your Realtor.  We know whenever we want to purchase property-he will be the first person we look up.” — Rebecca & Michael, Des Moines


“Buying a home was easier than I’d ever imagined. Mike did a wonderful job of keeping us informed throughout the entire process. We confidently put our trust in Mike and would recommend him to our family and friends.” — Mandy and Lee, Des Moines


“Thanks for finding the home that fits my needs. I appreciated the time you took to find the right home in the town that reminds me of where I grew up. You went the extra mile and I thank you for that. The whole process went very smoothly. Thanks Again!!” — Stephen M., Altoona


“Being first time home buyers we had a lot of questions and Mike did a great job of giving us very direct and accurate answers in a timely manner.  In addition to supplying us with several different homes to look at, once we found the one we wanted, Mike was extremely thorough in explaining the whole process and what questions we needed to be asking to ensure that we were making a sound investment.  In a nutshell, we felt good about the entire process because we could tell we were working with a person who knew what he was doing and had our best interest in mind.” — Jim and Tammy, West Des Moines